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I am putting the finishing touches on a new program, called “10 Minute Total Body Workouts”

10 Minute Total Body Workouts

And you get it free, for this week only.

When you get Body Weight Finishers 2.0 through the FVT Newsletter (details on the program below), just email us at fvtraininfo (at) gmail.com, and we’ll send you the bonus.

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I’m going to do some “old school” cardio today, but with a “new school” twist that has been PROVEN to be better than traditional cardio or even intervals.
This “new school” cardio is from my friend Mike Whitfield, a master trainer that has lost 105 pounds, and creator of Bodyweight Finishers 2.0.
Me and Mike at Fitness Business Summit last weekend
You see, your own body is one of the best pieces of fat loss equipment you could ever own.
Think about it … what’s the first thing you think of when I say the word “cardio”?
Let me guess … the treadmill or spin bike, right?
Now what muscles are you using with those – even if you’re doing “HIIT” (high intensity interval training)? … your legs, and that’s it.
So, rep after rep, you’re pounding your legs and joints, while neglecting the rest of your muscles. These are FREE fat-burning tools at your fingertips and they aren’t being used!
But how do you use your own body as a replacement for cardio?
This is just scratching the surface, but here’s just one example using the ladder approach
Do the following circuit as shown, resting only when needed. In the first circuit, you’ll complete 6 reps of each exercise. In the next circuit, you’ll complete 5 reps of each. Continue in this fashion until you complete 1 rep of each exercise. 
— Jump Squats or Total Body Extensions (6…1)
— Offset Pushups (6/side…1/side)
— Bodyweight Chops (keep those abs braced hard!) (6/side…1/side)
See how you hit more muscle groups?
It’s like cardio, but on caffeine… and they can be done ANYWHERE because they require ZERO equipment. See how it works here:
This finisher was taken from Mike’s brand new Bodyweight Finishers 2.0, which is on sale until Friday at a HUGE discount.
Thanks for reading, and talk soon –
Forest Vance
PS – Mike’s new 75 bodyweight exercises and 51 finishers come with high-quality coaching videos.  You’ll know exactly what to do as you watch Mike and even get exercise substitutions to fit your fitness level.
Here’s everything you get with this cool system you can plug in with YOUR favorite routine (that’s right, you don’t have to stop your favorite workouts!):
— 41 NEW Bodyweight Finishers including ladders, challenges, density circuits, gauntlets and more using the latest scientific research to get you faster results in less time
— 10 Bonus Tabata Finishers which burn up to 360 calories in just 4 minutes (study by ACE)! These 4-minute workout grand finales will guarantee to bust any plateau
No workout plan to plug these finishers with? No problem!  
— Bodyweight Adrenaline – using insane supersets and circuits with a unique blend of strength and conditioning, you’ll carve a transformed body in just 28 days
— Bodyweight Dirty 30 2.0 – With just three 30-minute workouts a week, you’ll hit your whole body, melt fat and improve your overall fitness with NO equipment
— High Quality Coaching Videos – Watch Mike as he shows you how to perform every fat-burning rep and even gives you options based on your fitness level with EVERY workout and finisher in the program.
Get your copy here <= Biggest discount EVER
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NEVER Do This In Your Ab Workouts

Following the advice you see in magazines – and in many places on the internet, for that matter – is a BAD idea when it comes to building a lean, strong, and defined midsection.

According to my friend from Minnesota, six-pack and fat burning expert Dennis Heenan –

“The stuff you see in magazines and on most fitness sites is just the tip of the iceberg.”

What he means is that they are leaving out crucial information on how to truly get lean.

When it comes to burning belly fat, Dennis mentions that 95% of workouts are missing one key element.

Everyone focuses on exercises that will help build and sculpt their abs … but what about the layer of fat that is covering them up? Don’t you think it’s just as important to work on getting rid of that too?


Dennis uses a method called Direct Hybrid Focus that focuses your body on burning belly fat while also building your abs at the same time.

Here’s how it works:

When you focus on exercises that target multiple muscles at once, increases your heart rate, challenges your metabolism, AND directly works your core…

You allow your body to “switch” into fat burning mode while directly crushing your core at the same time.

See, the problem with most direct abdominal exercises is that your body does not use enough energy to burn the fat that is sitting around your abs.

That’s why you need exercises that will target your core AND burn fat.


FYI … I just finished putting together a new program, called “Total Body Abdominal Annihilation”.

Total Body Abdominal Annihilation

Since the concepts and theme of the program go so well with what Dennis has going right now … I’ve decided to just give it to you free when you grab his workouts before Sunday night.

Just click THIS LINK … or any other link in this email … check out all the details on Dennis’ workouts, see if they are a good fit for you … and when you grab your copy, I’ll send you a free copy of MY new program, “Total Body Abdominal Annihilation”.

Cool? Cool!


Really quick, I want you to try this simple exercise for me:

Stand in place and tighten your abs as hard as you can. Now crunch down ½ an inch so you get an even tighter squeeze in your abs.

Now, I want you to sprint in place for 20 seconds as fast as you can, keeping your abs braced the entire time.

Did you do it? How did it feel?

See how you forced yourself to feel every muscle in your abs while also keeping the exercise super intense … And you did it in just 20 seconds.

That’s what Direct Hybrid Focus is all about.

Now my friend Dennis has taken this unique concept and created 51 workouts that utilizes not only DHF, but also indirect and direct core training as well.

=> Click here to see the workouts, and learn how to finally train your abs properly for rapid fat burning results

If you are tired of seeing lackluster results in your abdominal training, go check out the methods that Dennis uses that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet or in some fitness magazine.

Dennis gives you the WHOLE iceberg down in this letter.

Go check it out and start incorporating these powerful techniques.

– Forest


PS – FYI … I just finished putting together a new program, called “Total Body Abdominal Annihilation”.

Total Body Abdominal Annihilation

Since the concepts and theme of the program go so well with what Dennis has going right now … I’ve decided to just give it to you free when you grab his workouts before Sunday night.

Just click THIS LINK … or any other link in this email … check out all the details on Dennis’ workouts, see if they are a good fit for you … and when you grab your copy, I’ll send you a free copy of MY new program, “Total Body Abdominal Annihilation”.

Cool? Cool!

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20 Minute Body Weight Only Christmas Workout

I just took a few days off to spend some time with family and friends over the Christmas holiday …

I was away from a gym so I did a body weight only workout to keep things up.

I thought I would share my plan with you – so that if you are travelling or are in the same situation – this holiday or another time – you could benefit from a powerful body weight only workout that can be done anywhere.

The other great thing about this particular workout is that it’s designed for STRENGTH … that is, it’s not all high-rep calisthenic-type stuff … there are some more advanced body weight exercises that will actually help you gain some strength and muscle.

Okay, let’s get to it –

20 Minute Body Weight Only Christmas Workout

(exercise pair 1)

–pull up (overhand grip; use bar OR do door pull ups if no bar available) – 5 reps

–pistol squat (use assistance if needed) – 3 reps each side

Do four sets total of each exercise. Rest about one minute between exercises – but remember, get mostly recovered before the next set.

(exercise pair 2)

–pike press (with feet elevated on small step) – 8 reps
–box jump – 10 reps

Do three sets total of each exercise. Rest about one minute between exercises – but remember, get mostly recovered before the next set.

(exercise circuit)

Do these exercises circuit style. Each exercise is to be done continuously or 35 seconds; take 5 seconds of transition between exercises and rest for about 30 seconds at the end of the circuit. Repeat the circuit three times total.

–body weight squat

–close grip push up

–SLDL (single leg dead lift)

–run in place

I hope that workout helps you … and I hope that you had a VERY Merry Christmas!

If you want to join my gym in Sacramento and do workouts just like these check out Bootcamp Sacramento!

Talk soon!

– Forest

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Kettlebell Bootcamp Workouts (free sample)


Video Recap (workout from Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout

This is a quick, five minute kettlebell and body weight circuit you can use in your boot camps (or in your own personal workouts!)

It consists of two simple-to-teach – yet fun, and TOUGH – moves:

– the kettlebell squat clean (see video above for demo)

– burpees

There are a couple of ways you can set up the set and rep scheme.

One way is to do as many reps as you can of one exercise in 30 seconds, take a 10 to 15 second break, switch moves, and repeat the cycle three to four times.

Another way is to do this one with a partner.  One person does seven squat cleans, and the other person does as many burpees as they can during the time it takes person “one” to complete their squat clean set.  You would then repeat this cycle back and forth as many times as possible in five minutes.

Simple, but tough – a great short circuit to add to your arsenal of boot camp workouts.

Oh, and BTW – this video is a sample of what you’ll find in my new Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts program.

Along with 25 year fitness boot camp vet Georgette Pann, I’ve put together 99 killer kettlebell boot camp workouts, for you to “steal” and use with your campers (and yourself!)

Click here to check it out:
=> Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout

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KB/BW Boot Camp Workout (Video included!)

Every Monday morning we have a “strength” group session at my studio. It is one of my favorite hours of the week, because the folks who attend it train HARD, and get after it each and every time.

The focus of the workout is on lifting heavy weights and gaining muscle. But we also almost always finish the session with some kind of high-intensity metabolic-style finisher. It’s just a great time all around

I got a video for you today of a workout to help you kick off YOUR week right … it’s in the “style” of those that we do in our strength group sessions. Enjoy!

**To get three new workouts like this one every single week, click HERE**

That’s it for now … just a simple and effective KB/BW workout to kick your week off right. Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest

PS – Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? Join my Sacramento boot camp today!

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Burpee/Squat/Swing Kettlebell Ladder

Hey guys!!!

Here’s a quick ‘n’ brutal burpee/squat/swing kettlebell ladder workout for you to try … it’ll take you less than 20 minutes, hit all of your major muscle groups, and the only equipment you’ll need to do it is a single kettlebell.

Have a look, and give it a go:

Video Recap – Burpee/Squat/Swing Kettlebell Ladder Workout

Here’s what to do:

1 burpee
2 kettlebell squats
3 kettlebell swings
Then, go back to the top and ‘climb the ladder’!

Meaning you’ll do:

2 burpees
4 kettlebell squats
6 kettlebell swings


3 burpees
6 kettlebell squats
9 kettlebell swings

Continue in this fashion until you get to 10 burpees, 20 kettlebell squats, and 30 kettlebell swings. Complete the workout as fast as possible.

Enjoy and talk soon –

Forest Vance, RKC II

PS – If you liked this burpee/squat/swing kettlebell ladder workout, you’ll love our new Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0 program! To get a preview – check this out!

Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0  <—————-

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How I Work Out My Abs

Most people think of crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, etc. when they think of training their abs.

Turns out, this is NOT the best way to train your abs.  It’s with total-body, “functional” movements.  This is better both for your long-term spine health, AND short term fitness results!!

This is how I train MY abs.  It serves me well, and most importantly, it keeps my back feeling great, and my core strength high for all the kettlebell training and other lifting activities I do almost every day.

I posted an article and video on this topic a short time ago on one of my blogs, and got a great response from it – so I have “part two” for you today – another sample ab workout done in this style. Enjoy!

Video Recap

Crunches, leg lifts, all of your traditional ab exercises … those are bad for your back. More and more research is showing that there are much better ways to train your abs. So today I’m going to show you an example of total body core circuit that you can do that doesn’t involve crunches or leg lifts.

So we’ve got four different exercises. We’re going to start with a plank hold. We’re going to go elbows underneath the shoulders, looking between the hands, up to the toes and drive the heels back. Tighten the lower body, tighten the abs, lock in the upper body as well. We’ll do a thirty second hold from right there. That’s our first exercise!

The second one is a bird dog. You’re going to go hands underneath the shoulders, knees below the hips, make sure you are in a neutral spine position. Do a couple of these, round the back this way and arch the back that way to find your middle position. Maintain that neutral spine through the exercise. So right arm, left leg goes up – hold for a second at the top and then left arm, right leg goes up and hold for a second at the top. Ten of those each side.

So that’s a thirty second plank and ten opposite arm and leg raises each side.

Then we’re going to go with a thirty second side plank. Feet are stacked, elbows underneath the shoulder, feet stacked on top of each other. Arms up, hips up high. Leverage yourself with that bottom shoulder up and away from the ground so you can get those hips up as high as you can. Thirty seconds of those on each side.

Then we’re going to go with a knee to elbow mountain climber to finish off. Hands stacked underneath the shoulders, knees are going to come up and touch the same elbow. Ten on each side.

So there’s your total body ab functional circuit. Do anywhere from one to three rounds of that. It’s a great way to finish off a workout and get some extra core work, save your back and train your abs in the best way possible!!

Are you in Sacramento and want to do some great workouts like these in my studio? Check out my Sacramento boot camp classes!

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Burpee Modifications

Hey guys, Forest here.

I often get requests from clients at my studio in Sacramento for modifications for some of our frequently used exercises. A great exercise (and one of the toughest!) is the burpee. I shot this video for you guys to learn different variations of the burpee – so now nearly everyone can add into their workouts!

Video Recap

Hey, Forest Vance from FVT Boot Camp in Sacramento, California here. I’ve got a few burpee variations for you today. This exercise is kind of tricky for a lot of my clients … so you obviously want to work up to where you are doing a full on burpee as smoothly as possible with no breaks, no getting your feet stuck on the way back and the way forward on the push-up. It takes a little while to work up to that full burpee especially if you are still kind of building up your fitness level so I’m going to show you a couple different progressions.

The first most basic progression of the burpee. You can put your hands on the floor or you can even elevate them on something. You are going to go hands down, take a step back, hold in your push-up position for a second, step forward and stand up. One of the tricky parts is when you get to putting your hands on the floor. When you put your hands on the floor it takes a little bit of flexibility and takes some core strength. When you elevate your hands that can make it even a little bit easier. That’s step one of your progression.

Step two you add a little jump to it. You can jump the feet back, jump them forward and stand up. Make sure you tighten up the abs and land in a good plank position. Jump them back, jump them forward and stand up.

Step three, add a little jump at the top. That’s your step three.

Once you have kind of mastered that with the hands elevated and I want you build up your core strength and your flexibility, go to the ground. Add your jump to the top. Then if you want to take it to the next level there are all different variations but the most basic variation that we use is adding a push-up to it. So the full burpee with a push-up ideally you just want to kind of jump onto the ground, lower down to the floor and then spring up and go up overhead.


There you have it. Some GREAT burpee modifications to make this challenging exercise more accessible for your current fitness level.

Thanks for reading, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

P.S. – Looking for more help in reaching your fitness goals? Looking for a downtown Sacramento personal trainer? Visit the FVT studio website at forestvancetraining.com. See you soon!

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Kettlebell/Body Weight ‘Heavy Day’ Mud Run Workout

Last year, we put together a training group at my fitness center for one of the biggest mud run events in the U.S.

(I would share the exact name with you, but they actually contacted us and threatened legal action for using their name on our website.  Ha!  So I’ll leave it out this time …)

The workouts were super intense, and a lot of fun.  So as springtime rolls in and the weather gets better here in Northern California, we are going to start up another outdoor training/mud run prep program.

I am currently in the process of getting things organized for the coming program, and have been going through the workouts that we did.  So I thought it would be cool to share one with you (it was one of my personal favorites!) to try!

(BTW, you’ll get this workout – and over 50 more – when you grab a copy of the Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts Mega – Pack I have on sale for the next few days.)

Kettlebell/Body Weight ‘Heavy Day’ Mud Run Workout

Warm Up

For each move, I’ve put a “general” movement pattern to choose from … I’ve also included a couple of example exercises you could do if you can’t think of any off the top of your head.

1. Cardio (run in place, jumping jack, etc.)
2. Lower body move (lunge, squat)
3. Upper body pressing move (push up, mountain climber)
4. Upper body pull (body row, pull up)
5. Total body ab exercise (plank, side plank)

Perform each exercise for ~:30 each, take no rest between exercises, and complete two to three rounds of the sequence total.


Pair 1

kettlebell swing – 15 reps
see saw press – 8 reps each

Do three sets of each exercise, resting minimally between sets. Make sure to use a challenging weight for both the swings and the see saw presses. If you only have one KB, you can do 5-8 straight reps on each side for the presses.

Pair 2

pull up – max reps minus one
walking lunge – 12 each leg

Set a timer for five minutes. Do as many rounds as you can of the above pair of movements. You should be able to get at LEAST four rounds in the alloted time.

Pair 3

push up – 15
bicep curl – 15

Perform three sets of each exercise, as fast and with as little rest as possible. Use a kettlebell, a pair of dumbbells, or resistance bands to do the curls.

We are putting together a training group for the mud run season at my fitness center as the weather gets better here in Northern California.  In the process of getting things organized, I stumbled across one of my favorite workouts from last year’s program – and thought it would be cool to share it with you here, to try over the weekend!

Enjoy, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, CPT, RKC II

PS – Mud runs and obstacle courses are incredible feats of endurance and strength. Make sure you aren’t neglected one of your most important muscle areas…your back. Check out this simple back exercises without weight and add them to your training program today!

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5 Tips for Better Workouts at Home

mario_lopez_home gym

Here are some tips on ensuring a successful home workout! However, there is nothing quite like working out with others for the extra motivation and a little healthy competition. Looking to join other fitness minded folks in the Sacramento area? Check out our Sacramento Boot Camp page at http://www.forestvancetraining.com/bootcamp-sacramento.

In my college years, and during my brief two year “cup of coffee” in the NFL, I had lots of time to work out. Staying in peak physical condition was a top priority – if not THE top priority – in my life.

Nowadays, things are different. I have family obligations, work obligations, social obligations, travel obligations, community/contribution/charity obligations … the list goes on and on … but the moral of the story, is that time is limited.

You might say “but Forest, you have your own gym and spend all day, every day working there!”

Well, this is true … but, believe it or not, with all the things we have going from this list above, and a lot more I probably didn’t even think of, I don’t always have time to get the length and quality of workouts that I would like to.

Now, you may have not played sports at the college or pro level, but I am sure that when it comes to lack of time, you can relate. It’s a major thing that keeps a lot of folks from reaching their ultimate fitness goals.

So, you, like me, may get some or all of your workouts at home. This is a great way to go when you are crunched for time.

You also, like me, may use kettlebells and your own body weight as your primary at-home training tools. This is also a great way to go, as these two training modalities, in my opinion, give you the maximum bang-for-your-training-buck.

This set up can work incredibly well. BUT – there are some key components to your ultimate at-home workout success. Miss these, and your workouts will not be all that they could be.

Forest’s top five ways to get the best, quickest, and most effective at-home kettlebell/body weight workouts:

1. Have a designated workout space

If I try to work out in my living room, and my dog and cats are running between my feet as I am doing kettlebell swings, it compromises the quality of my workout.

We are fortunate to have moved to a larger home recently, and now have a designated workout room. This has made all the difference.

If you do not have a separate room, it’s all good – just carve out some space somewhere where you can do your workouts.

2. Plan ahead

Know exactly when you are going to work out ahead of time, put it in your schedule, and stick to it.

Working out at home can be one of those things that you might feel like you don’t need to put into your schedule – but if it’s not in there, the chances of it actually happening go down DRASTICALLY.

*One great way to maximize your at-home training results is with kettlebell challenge workouts. And I have my new Kettlebell Challenge Workouts program on sale this weekend at a stupid-low price. Click here to check it out:

=> Kettlebell Challenge Workouts

3. Get your mind right

You have to make a specific effort to get in the right mind state when you are working out at home. It’s easy to be thinking about other stuff when you are not in a dedicated and separate workout environment.

Take a couple of minutes to turn off your computer, put your phone on silent, and get your mind right for the workout ahead.

4. Have a specific plan in mind

Make sure that you have a workout that you are going to do planned ahead of time. You also want to have a progressive plan that builds and works towards a goal over time – NOT half-hazard routines that are just thrown together for the day. This will maximize what you get out of each workout session, and the progress you make over time.

5. Do challenge workouts

Challenging yourself both mentally and physically on a regular basis will help you take your workouts to the next level. And semi-regular challenge workouts will help you do just that. I use them in my own home workouts once or twice per month, and they are an incredible training tool that, now, I couldn’t do without.

To sum up, if you are working out at home, you CAN get awesome workouts. But, there are some common mistakes that you absolutely need to avoid to maximize your situation. Implement the tips in this article, and start getting better at-home workouts today!!


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